Changes not Visible Upon Updating my Website

The culprit here is cache. Quick fix: Press CTRL + H (On windows desktop) or CMD + H (On Mac), proceed to clear browsing data, select cache and click on clear. If you are on mobile, go to history, clear browsing data and select cache. Once done, reload the site’s […]

Accessing your E-Mail Account

This article describes various ways of accessing your email account. If you haven’t created any email accounts or need to change their passwords, you can do so from your website’s dashboard in the Email Manager Section. The various methods of accessing your email account are: Via the Web Browser You […]

How to Choose the Right Form Field for Your Forms

Are you wondering which form fields you have access to in WPForms and what each field does? WPForms has lots of field types to make creating and filling out forms easy. In this tutorial, we’ll cover all of the fields available in WPForms. Standard Fields – available to everyone Single Line […]

Creating Your First Form

Want to get started creating your first form with WPForms? By following the step by step instructions in this walkthrough, you can easily publish your first form on your site. How to Add a New Form How to Customize Form Fields How to Display Forms on Your Site How to […]

A Complete Guide to WPForms Settings

Would you like to learn more about all of the settings available in WPForms? In addition to tons of customization options within the form builder, WPForms has an extensive list of plugin-wide options available. This includes choosing your currency, adding GDPR enhancements, setting up integrations, and more. In this tutorial, […]

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a form building plugin that enables you to create any type of form such as contact form, appointment form, booking form, e.t.c. Your imagination is your limitation.

Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat plugin lets your customers easily contact you via Facebook Messenger. To configure the plugin, go to Facebook Live chat from your website’s dashboard and enter your Facebook Page url.

Configuring WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

The Checkout Field Editor provides an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page. To use this plugin, Woocommerce should be activated. Setup and Configuration Go to: WooCommerce > Checkout Fields. Fields There are three sets of Fields you can edit: Billing – Payment and billing address section of checkout (payment […]