Button module overview

The Button module is exactly that: a button that you insert into your layout to lead visitors elsewhere within your site or to an external link – and the Page Builder button has an extra capability: instead of following a link, clicking the button can open a lightbox that displays […]

Audio module overview

Using the Audio module, you can insert one or more audio files from the Media Library or a single audio file from an external source, plus choose some playback options. Using audio files from the Media Library When you choose the Media Library option in the Audio module, click the […]

Accordion module overview

The Accordion module provides a vertical list, and each item in the list can be expanded to display more detail. Here are some good uses for the Accordion module: FAQs Q&A Feature lists Here are some properties of the Accordion module: The Accordion module is constructed as a list of […]

Responsive behavior in Page Builder

All Page Builder layouts are responsive, meaning they automatically adjust for various screen sizes. By default, layouts are responsive in the following ways: Device size Page Builder has three device sizes built in: large (typically desktop and laptop displays), medium (tablets) and small (smartphones). Breakpoints Breakpoints define the browser width at […]

Tour the Page Builder

Open a page for editing and here’s what you’ll see. The following numbers correspond to the screenshot. Title bar with type and name of page or post you’re editing. Arrow to expand the Tools menu. See below for more information about the Tools menu. Status notice. This is blank before you make any […]

Getting Started with the Page Builder

Your website is a collection of pages which display what you have to offer. To view your website’s pages, login to your website’s dashboard if you haven’t done so and from the admin menu, click on the pages link. Each page is made using our intuitive page builder. You can […]

WooCommerce Integration Overview

Astra integrates nicely with WooCommerce. All WooCommerce elements automatically adapt with the rest of your Astra powered website and take colors, fonts out of the box from the theme customizer settings. That way, you can have your shop up and running immediately with minimum setup. Let’s take a look! Layout […]

Meta Settings

Astra provides meta options for all individual pages and posts. Meta settings are page specific settings that give more control over individual page/post design. You can override some customizer settings for particular page/post with this. To edit the meta settings of a specific page or post, from your website’s dashboard, […]

Footer Bar

This is the footer area where you can put copyright information along with widgets, menus etc. You can choose layout for the small footer bar under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer > Footer Bar  FOOTER BAR LAYOUT Astra provides two layouts for footer bar.  Footer bar layout one It […]