Full Width / Stretched- Container Layout

As explained in the Container Overview article, typically a website can have two containers viz: Primary Container and Secondary Container. Primary Container is where the main content appears, whereas Secondary Container consists of the sidebar and various different widgets in the sidebar. “Full Width / Stretched” layout merges the primary and secondary containers and displays […]

Container Overview

A container is where the main content and information appears. In general, omit the header and footer part of the website and what remains is the container. The content area and the sidebar are parts of the container. The content area is technically called as the primary container, whereas the […]

Site Identity

You can set site identities like Logo, Site Title, and Tagline, Site Icon with this setting. You can find the setting under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Header > Site Identity.  LOGO  Normal You can select a logo image from Media Library from logo option.  Retina Astra allows you to […]