Responsive editing

Responsive Editing Mode lets you preview pages as they appear on medium and small devices and edit them directly in that device size view. The editor’s default layout is for large screens, and Responsive Editing Mode makes it much easier to adjust the settings for medium and small devices. If […]

How to Install and Use the Form Templates Pack Addon

Would you like access to dozens of additional form templates? Form templates make building forms faster by starting you off with relevant fields, and now we have even more template options. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to install and use our Form Templates Pack addon so you can access […]

How to Use Query Strings to Auto-Fill a Text Field

Would you like to auto-fill a text field for a user based on the link they click? Links can be set up to send information into a field so the user can save a step when filling our your form. In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage query strings to auto-fill […]

How to Make WPForms Available to Editors

Do you need to allow Editor users on your site to access WPForms? By default, WPForms access is restricted to users that have full administrative privileges on your site. This is by design and recommended for security purposes. However, in some cases you might want to to allow site Editors […]

How to Import and Export WPForms

Would you like to export your forms from your current site and import them on another? The Import/Export tool in WPForms gives you the ability to migrate your forms to a different site so that you don’t need to restart from scratch. In this article, we will show you how […]

How to Customize the Columns for Form Entries

Would you like to choose which fields are displayed on your form’s main Entries page? By default, this screen will simply display the first three fields of your form. Customizing the Entries page column allows you to quickly view the most important entry fields of each form. In this tutorial, […]

How to Create a Custom Form Template

Would you like to create your own custom form templates? Custom templates allow you to create and use your own unique ‘starter’ forms. If you tend to use many of the same fields and settings in your forms, or if you want to use the same form across multiple sites […]

How to Change WPForms Validation Messages

Would you like to customize the validation messages used on your forms? Customizing validation messages is especially useful if you want to translate your forms into different language, or even if you’d simply like to change the message wording. In this tutorial, we’ll show you some examples of validation messages […]

How to Allow Additional File Upload Types

Do you want to allow more file types to be uploaded in your forms? Having more files formats that can be uploaded to your site can provide more convenience for you and your users. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add different file extensions, while not compromising the […]

A Complete Guide to WPForms Tools

Would you like to learn more about all of the extra tools available in WPForms? In addition to tons of settings and customization options, WPForms has useful tools to extend your options even further. This includes moving your forms to other sites, importing forms from other plugins, and more. In […]