How to Troubleshoot CSS Not Working

Have you created custom CSS for your forms, but not been able to see those styles when viewing your site? In this tutorial, we’ll walk through options to troubleshoot why your CSS is not working and offer possible solutions. We’ll discuss the most common issues that cause CSS to not […]

How to Display Your Form in a Single Line

Would you like all of your form fields to be displayed in a single line? Having your form in a single line layout can help you to place it in the key areas of your site, like the top section of your home page to get maximum exposure. In this tutorial, […]

How to Display Fields in a Single Column on Mobile

Do you want to convert a multi-column form layout to a single column when viewed on mobile? While using multiple columns can look great on larger screens, changing to a single column form layout on small screens will let your forms look professional and easy to use. In this tutorial, […]

How to Customize the Submit Button

Would you like to customize the submit button to better fit your site’s design or personality? The submit button of your form can play an important role in submission rates. In this guide, we’ll cover how to customize the text and style of your form’s submit button. Change the Submit […]

How to Customize the Style of Individual Form Fields

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How to Create Multi-Column Form Layouts in WPForms

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How to Choose an “Include Form Styling” Setting

Would you like to add custom styles to your forms, or to let more theme styles be applied? WPForms will, by default, include extensive styling to ensure your forms look great on any WordPress theme. However, this can make it harder to apply your own custom CSS or to allow […]

How to Add Icons to WordPress Forms

Would you like to add icons within your forms? Icons can be a great way to visually reinforce the purpose of a field, and can help your forms look more customized. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to add icons from Font Awesome to your forms. Font Awesome is a great option […]