Accessing your E-Mail Account

This article describes various ways of accessing your email account. If you haven’t created any email accounts or need to change their passwords, you can do so from your website’s dashboard in the Email Manager Section.

The various methods of accessing your email account are:

Via the Web Browser

You can access your email account by going to your domain address on the port 2096. Example: or

Upon logging in you will find a section similar to one below.

Click on the open button below the roundcube metabox. If you want to be automatically redirected to the inbox page whenever you login, check the open my inbox when I log in checkbox.

If you want to use common desktop email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, the email application will require specific information about your email account. You can use the mail client automatic scripts provided in the section.

Via your Gmail Mobile App

  1. Go to Settings >> Add Account.
  2. Enter your email address e.g.
  3. Choose IMAP
  4. On the incoming server settings, leave them as they are and click next. (Wait for validation).
    If prompted the port, use 993
  5. Do the same for outgoing server settings. (Wait for validation).
    If prompted the port, use 465
  6. Then configure the prompts that will follow.