Mobile Header

Astra provides a feature to design Mobile Header separately for responsive devices.

It offers options to adjust Header Breakpoint, set different Logo, choose different Menu Styles, set Colors separately for the menu.

Mobile Header Options with Astra Theme

From your website’s dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu. Mobile Header options are listed under different tabs.

Logo (optional)

The desktop screen needs a quite wider logo. This logo on mobile might hide the big part of the viewport. Separate option for mobile logo provides flexibility to use a different menu on mobile.
The setting can be found under Layout > Header > Site Identity. Choose option Different Logo for mobile devices? and add a mobile device logo image here.
To adjust the size for the logo click on the responsive toggle button for Logo Width and adjust the width.

The setting can be found under Header > Primary Menu > MOBILE HEADER.
The default menu breakpoint for Astra is 921px. It can be changed easily with the slider.
For example – If a breakpoint is set to 554px then the desktop header will be visible till 554px width and it will change to mobile header below 554px.

This will allow you to set a target to open submenu in mobile header. It has two options – Icon and Link.
If you choose Icon, submenu dropdown will open on the click of a small arrow icon beside the menu item.
And if you choose Link, submenu dropdown will open on the click of a menu item name (link).

Toggle Button Style, Toggle Button Color, and Border Radius

Settings can be found under Layout > Header > Primary Menu > MOBILE HEADER.
Style the toggle button with these settings.

The setting can be found under Layout > Header > Primary Menu > MOBILE HEADER.
It allows adding a label to toggle button and highlight it.

Mobile Header Alignment

It allows choosing the alignment of logo and menu on devices below breakpoint.

Choose a style for the menu which appears on the click of the toggle button.

  • Flyout style will allow the menu to slide from either end of the screen.
  • Full-Screen style will cover the whole screen and display menu item in the middle.
  • No Toggle style will not display the menu inside the hamburger menu on responsive devices. The menu will appear same as desktop.

Border for Menu Items

It will apply a border around each menu item. Set width to the border and then apply color.

Colors & Background for Mobile Header

Settings can be found under Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu.

Click on the responsive toggle button and set the colors and background for the Mobile Header.


Set Background Color for Mobile Header or set Background Image and adjust the opacity. (?)

Primary Menu and Submenu

If either of the Menu Style – Flyout or Full-Screen is selected, you can set the background image and overlay color for a menu with Primary Menu background image.


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